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What are past volunteers saying?         


“My most memorable moment was when a client was overcome with tears when she saw $5K in refund. She said she is finally starting her daughter’s college fund!”  – 2015 VITA Volunteer

“Everyone I’ve met associated with VITA (trainers, administrators, and volunteers) have been ‘positive energy’ kind of people – that says a lot about why VITA succeeds and can continue to attract volunteers. – 2015 VITA Volunteer


“As a single mother, I love working with the single mothers that come in. They know that I have walked the same road and had the same problems. For me it is an opportunity to give back, for them it is sometimes a light in the tunnel that things will get better.” – 2014 VITA Volunteer


“I could tell that I was really helping people and that my efforts were appreciated.”  – 2012 VITA Volunteer


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