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What are past volunteers saying?         

“What an amazing and inspiring site coordinator. She listened intently to the preparers and clients and established professional and personal relationships that keep clients coming back to the site year after year.” – 2016 VITA Volunteer

“I studied income taxation and found it to be a very interesting subject, so when I found out about the VITA program I realized my two interests (taxation and volunteering) could work perfectly together!” – 2016 VITA Volunteer

“My most memorable moment was when a client was overcome with tears when she saw $5K in refund. She said she is finally starting her daughter’s college fund!”  – 2015 VITA Volunteer

“Everyone I’ve met associated with VITA (trainers, administrators, and volunteers) have been ‘positive energy’ kind of people – that says a lot about why VITA succeeds and can continue to attract volunteers. – 2015 VITA Volunteer

“As a single mother, I love working with the single mothers that come in. They know that I have walked the same road and had the same problems. For me it is an opportunity to give back, for them it is sometimes a light in the tunnel that things will get better.” – 2014 VITA Volunteer



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